Instant Pot Salmon

Instant Pot Salmon.jpg

I was excited when I saw a recipe idea to cook salmon in the instant pot. Salmon is a favorite here, and because it is frequently part of my meal planning, a new way of preparing it is always welcome! The instant pot sure seemed like it would be a good cooking method, and perhaps result in the meat being perfect all the way through? And it did! This worked great and tasted awesome!

Here’s another great concept - the recipe for cooking salmon in the instant pot can be varied each time by altering what you add to the water in the bottom of the pot. The addition of herbs, wine, ghee, butter, oils, citrus, or your choice of flavors to the water, will result in a little different flavor each time. While it is pressure cooking, the instant pot infuses those flavors into the salmon, all the while keeping it moist and cooking it perfectly.

For this first time, I added white wine, parsley, dill, and basil to the water in the bottom of the instant pot, then placed two large fillets of salmon on the rack and cooked on manual high for 4 minutes. I had seen several different ideas for the length of time to cook, 4 minutes came out just right for these larger size fillets. And, if you are new to instant pot, just know that cooking for 4 minutes in the instant pot is kinda like saying there is only 4 minutes left in the football game, take into account time for coming up to pressure and then after for releasing pressure, just like the time outs and commercials 😳


1 cup water
1/4 cup white wine
A few springs of parsley, dill, and oregano
2 or 3 salmon fillets (depending on the size of your instant pot)
2 tsp ghee or other healthy fat
salt, pepper, and lemon pepper for the salmon
1/2 lemon, sliced thin


Place the water, wine, and herbs in the bottom of the instant pot and set the wire rack inside. Brush the ghee or oil on top of the salmon, salt and pepper to taste and sprinkle with lemon pepper. Top with lemon slices. Secure the lid, place in “sealing” mode and set for 4 minutes on manual high. After the cooking time is complete, release the pressure by using the quick release function.

While you are waiting for your “four minutes”, prepare any side dishes, knowing your main dish is happily cooking on its own. This salmon paired perfectly with a side salad and roasted sweet potato!


Here’s to another great instant pot idea! Enjoy this simple, tasty, and protein packed meal!!