Pattysplate grew out of a love of sharing ideas.  I've been purusing everyone else's ideas for years in magazines, web sites, and of course Pinterest, so why not share my own now? Enjoy, try a new recipe, try a new time saving or money saving idea, try a new craft, and then share your ideas!

My Story

I can't say I've always loved to cook, there were those years when it was a task, it was just a requirement to get through the day, and then hopefully have enough leftover to make lunches, I call this the "survival mode".  And being the personality type that always overcommits, I tended to be in survival mode most of the time.  After retirement, I learned to enjoy cooking.  Browse recipes, shop for fresh and local ingredients, be health conscious, and then enjoy the journey rather than just survive it.  

A few years ago I took a weekend trip with a couple of girlfriends, we shopped, dined, and just relaxed, but throughout the weekend, we NEVER stopped talking about food!  One friend had followed Whole 30 along with her husband and told amazing stories of healing, health, and weight loss.  We were so encouraged and curious, we included the Barnes and Noble in our shopping and bought the book It Starts With Food.  I think the rest of the weekend we laid around in the motel room reading the book together.  Sounds crazy right? We all tried to follow the program for a while, sharing recipe ideas, successes and failures, via email and text.  That encouragement and sharing of ideas helped me be successful at learning new and healthier ways to cook.  So now, a few years later of practice, I want to be the one that encourages and shares ideas.  

I also love to craft and a variety of random other things that I will share on here from time to time.  So welcome to pattysplate and thank you for visiting!

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas!