Instant Pot Artichokes

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I had heard from several people that their favorite item in the instant pot was cooking artichokes. So - time to give that a try! A little research and come to find out there are a number of methods and theories out there! I guess I will just add to that “pot” 😁 and share what worked for me.


I cooked two pretty good sized artichokes in a 6 quart instapot. Maybe could have squeezed another small one in? But two is a perfect fit!


Rinse the artichokes well and trim off the top hard ends, this allows the steam to easily penetrate to the middle.  Trim off the end of the stem also.

Add one cup of water to the bottom of the instapot, then place the artichokes stem side up onto the steam rack of the instapot.  Using the “manual” function, set the timer for ten minutes.  It does take longer than ten minutes by the time it warms up and cools down, but this is still faster than steaming on the stove, and you get a better texture. The flavors seem fresher than steaming, and there isn’t any “sogginess” that can happen when you steam in water. 

And now for the great debate - what to dip the artichoke leaves in!  If we used the theory of “well, that’s how my mom did it”, it would be mayonnaise.  That’s all I knew growing up, artichokes and mayonnaise!  Then I was introduced to butter, and that person had never heard of dipping in mayonnaise!  The butter was pretty good, but not how my mom did it, so back to mayonnaise.  After changing to a Whole30 meal plan I started using Chosen Foods mayonnaise, still pretty good, but then I discovered Horseradish Aioli and decided that was the winner.  You may have seen this recipe already with my Roasted Artichoke Hearts but now it has been tested and proven it goes just as well with these instant pot steamed artichokes!

      1/2 cup healthy mayonnaise
      1/4 cup creamy horseradish
      Salt & Pepper
               Stir the ingredients together and serve as a dipping sauce with artichoke  (easy, right?)

After the artichokes have cooled, slice in half longwise using a sharp or serrated knife for a clean cut through the tougher parts.  Remove the “fuzzy stuff” from the center with a spoon.  For a great presentation, add a dollop of dipping sauce to the center of the artichoke and sprinkle with paprika. 


There are so many more ideas to test out in the Instant Pot - I hope this is the first of many you can enjoy!