Chili Rellenos

Chili Rellenos.jpg

It’s time to make chili rellenos! If you have been following along Pattysplate blog, you know the anaheim chilies have been roasted and the salsa verde has been made fresh, so now it’s time to making chili relleno’s. If you haven’t been following along, that’s ok, you can purchase roasted chilies and salsa verde at the store and pick it up from here!

Roasted Anaheim Chilies

Salsa Verde

This recipe took a couple experiments along with way. Most recipe ideas I researched involve rolling the relleno in both egg and flour, then quick fry. I used an alternative gluten free flour and ended up with a bit of a mess, then tried regular flour to get the hang of it but with no better luck. Why the layer of flour? Not sure because they came out perfectly fine without any kind of flour so just coat with egg and fry away!


8 whole anaheim chilies
8 slices Queso Fresco cheese
3 eggs
2 cups salsa verde
Good oil for frying, I used avocado oil

First, separate the eggs, whisk the whites until fluffy, then whisk the yolks until smooth. Gently fold the two together.


This is the cheese I used and it worked great, but if you can’t find this one, I’m sure a substitute would be just fine.


Lay the chili flat. Slice the cheese into sticks and roll each slice of cheese up into the chilis.


Heat the oil to medium high. Carefully roll the chili in the fluffy egg white mixture. It will want to fall apart so just go slow, then use a slotted spoon or spatula to transfer to the fry pan.

Fry in hot oil, about one to two minutes on each side is all it takes to turn golden brown. Turn over gently and brown the other side. Remove from oil and place on paper towel to cool and drain.


Serve with salsa verde, and any of your other favorite toppings! Avocado, olive, tomato, and the list goes on. Enjoy!!