Tuna Salad (paleo)

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Growing up on the Oregon coast means growing up with a diet that includes a lot of fish, and tuna was one of my favorites! Fortunately I still have a fisherman in the family which includes an endless supply of home canned tuna at my fingertips. This salad has become a staple in meal planning, its simple, packed with protein, tasty, and healthy!

Before I had even heard of Whole 30 or paleo, or ever considered giving up my store bought mayonnaise, I ran across this recipe idea at a restaurant.  The tuna salad was excellent, but very different from any I had ever had, so I asked about the recipe, what made this so good?  The secret was shared - the tuna was moistened with a combination of olive oil, dijon, and balsamic . . .  what, no mayonnaise? The flavor was amazing with the tuna fish! At the time I wouldn’t have thought to experiment with that combination, but now, I keep a container with this mix of olive oil, dijon and balsamic on hand, and it is a base for many of my recipe ideas and of course, just salad dressing!  So when Whole 30 came along, these ideas were easily inserted regularly into the meal planning, and still one of my favorites.  

Here's what you will need -

   1 can albacore tuna
   1/4 cup Olive oil
   1 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar
   1 tsp Dijon mustard
   1 Tbsp Chives or green onion
   1/2 cup chopped olives
   2 Tbsp chopped celery
   6-7 yellow cherry tomatoes, sliced small
   1 tsp capers

Whisk together the olive oil, balsamic, and dijon.  Flake the tuna with a fork, then add the chives, olives, celery, tomatoes, and capers.  Pour the olive oil dressing over tuna mixture and combine.  Most importantly - don't sweat the ingredients! This list is an excellent combination, but if you have red Cherry tomatoes in your garden, use them! Or no onions handy, oh well! It will all come out good. 

And here's what you can do with it!!

  1. Lettuce wrap, use Romaine or Butter letter to make a yummy wrap!

  2. Serve a couple of scoops over a bed of lettuce, add some slices of avocado and tomato for a beautiful salad.

  3. Scoop out the inside of a tomato and stuff with the tuna salad

  4. Cut an avocado in half and serve the tuna spooned inside the middle portion of avocado.

  5. Cucumber Tuna Boat - check out this recipe!

  6. And yes, I've been know to just sit and eat the entire bowl 😄