Asparagus and Bacon Saute


Everything is better with bacon, right? For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, bacon adds that pop of flavor that makes everyone smile.

A southern recipe favorite of mine is green beans cooked with bacon and onion, and that plan was on my mind as I wandered through the Farmers Market this spring. No green beans were to be found, but asparagus was plentiful, it must be asparagus season here! And, everything is better with bacon, right? So a new plan is made.

It does not seem as though this is really a “recipe”, it’s just the idea, and a good reminder that your side dishes don’t have to be boring. You can always steam this or that, roast something, or make “just a salad”, but ideas like this are slightly different and add a nice variety to your menu. You can serve a simple and healthy side dish with beautiful presentation if you just have the idea.


Bacon, 3 strips, sliced
Asparagus, 1 bundle
(vary your amounts based on how many you are serving, this amount serves 4)

Heat large fry pan (cast iron works great here!) to medium high. Add the bacon and cook for about 7 minutes, estimating when the bacon is halfway cooked. Add the asparagus and continue to cook for another 7 minutes, finishing the bacon until it is crispy and cooking the asparagus until it is cooked but yet crunchy.

How simple is that? The already wonderful flavor of the asparagus is enhanced by the bacon making it even more delicious. There won’t be any leftovers 😀 Enjoy!!