Charcuterie Board


Have you ever ordered a Charcuterie Board in a restaurant? I realize some of the specialty meats and cheeses can be expensive, but I’m always a little surprised at the cost versus the quantity of what is served. It triggers that frequent thought in my brain, I want to try this at home . . . 😝

Yep I got this! It came out terrific and will be on the menu again soon, it is great for entertaining! Many compliments were received when this was presented! A Charcuterie Board is an ideal recipe to keep in mind as we enter the holiday season, it is an excellent appetizer to compliment your holiday meal planning!

The first thing to accomplish is the spelling and pronunciation, I think I challenged my spell checker writing this, but I’ve got it now! Charcuterie, pronounced “shar - koo - der - ee”, and defined by Webster as dressed meats and meat dishes. Well, my definition is slightly different - some meats, and everything else that tastes good with it!

I found Trader Joe’s to be the perfect place to shop for Charcuterie Board ingredients. They have smaller portions of many varieties of cheeses, and it really does take only a very small portion to fill your board. A variety pack of sliced Italian meats are also available at Trader Joe’s, along with their packages of dried fruits to choose from. In this photo I’ve included Trader Joe’s coconut coated cashews, they were a perfect compliment to everything! They also sometimes carry a container of mixed grapes, this works well to add a variety of colors to your board. Include a few olives to fill in the spaces on your board and you have the perfect combination of meats and “everything else”.


When you are arranging the board, I suggest starting with the meats and cheeses, then add your crackers, and finish up by filling in all the “holes” with the other goodies. Don’t stress over the arrangement, it doesn’t have to be perfect and you will be surprised at how forgiving this project is.


Here’s to your entertaining! Enjoy!