Burger on a "bed of greens"

Burger on a no website-pint.jpg

This is not so much of a recipe but just one of those great ideas! The one you read and then say, "how simple, why didn't I think of that?"

A while back I posted a blog titled Everything On A Bed Of Greens which introduced the idea of the "bed of greens" (ok I just love to say that).  This concept is so practical and could easily be a weekly menu item for you.  The potential for variety is endless, you won't even think of it as a repeat menu item!  There's so many choices for the greens you choose for your "bed", the protein you top it with, and all of the seasonings and garnishes, that you will never get tired of this entree. 

In my Whole30 "Bible", the book It Starts With Food, menu planning ideas are centered around picking your protein, and then filling your plate with veggies.  The bed of greens idea follows that concept (it's just more fun to say), but you put the veggies on your plate first and then follow that by topping with the protein! 

An important part of keeping this protein packed meal on the simple side is having your food planned out and on hand.  If your hamburger patties are already made up and in the freezer, it makes for an quick and simple dinner, you just have to remember to take them out of the freezer and put in the frig the night before!  This is a good opportunity to try some tasty local organic grass fed beef, it is amazing!  But, if you need to keep your shopping and planning simple because of time constraints, have the pre-made frozen individual burgers on hand and make your preparation fit your lifestyle! Chicken breast, flank steak, pork chop, grilled veggies, and the list goes on . . . having your protein on hand will result in stress free meal planning for your week.

The choices for your bed of greens are endless also - arugula salad, spring mix, chopped romaine, butter lettuce, kale salad - all of which make the perfect "bed" for your burger. Try something new as you wander through the produce section, I just discovered how good pea shoots are on my bed of greens, that will be another staple item now!

And don't forget your toppings, now there's an even longer list! Stir fried mushrooms, caramelized onions, fresh tomato slices, thin sliced red onion, bacon, avocado, and if you are "primarily paleo", a few sprinkles of blue cheese!


So here's to your bed of greens, easy meal planning, and healthy eating - enjoy!