Baked Spaghetti Squash

People of "no grains" - you are going to love this!  Baked spaghetti squash has been around a long time, but when I'm talking to people about food and recipes and get the response, "I've never cooked spaghetti squash", I'm reminded that it may only be a standard in my world.  And I especially love the question, "how do you shred it to look like spaghetti?".  Maybe it seems intimidating, that could be why some never try it. But I want to encourage you that it is so simple, so healthy, and so good, you will be surprised. And dare I say that I now prefer it over regular spaghetti pasta?  Yep!!

Here's some help to get you through the roasting part -

Cut a small slice off of the end of the spaghetti squash so you can stand it on end to cut in half longways.  It's a tough skin so use your sharpest knife and be careful!  Then use a spoon to scoop out the seeds.


Rub the inside of squash with olive oil, then sprinkle with salt and pepper, the same magic ingredients for roasting veggies!  Place upside down on a baking pan or cookie sheet, I like the foil on the bottom, makes for a little easier clean up.


Bake at 375 degrees for about 45 minutes.  The spaghetti squash pictured here are on the small side and were done just right in 45 minutes.  You might need a little more time for a larger size squash.  To test for doneness, it should be fairly soft when you touch the outside shell, or remove from oven and turn over and if a fork easily inserts, you are there!


Now for the fun part and the answer to the question, "how do you shred it to look like spaghetti?". Well, you don't have to shred at all.  When it has cooled enough to handle, use a fork to scrape and remove the inside.  It will fall apart in "noodles" all by itself.


Now for a taste test, and yes it is good all by itself with the flavors of the olive oil, salt and pepper.  There's a natural buttery flavor so it is good alone, or you can serve a variety of sauces or entrees on top of it.  Here's the results of my baking day, just your standard spaghetti sauce on top of the spaghetti squash, but it is yummy!


Let your imagination work with your taste buds for how to serve this, I plan to add more spaghetti squash ideas in the future.  For now here's some ideas to get you starting thinking, and more recipies will follow! Enjoy!

  • Top spaghetti squash with pesto and sliced grilled chicken breast

  • Saute shrimp with lemon and garlic and serve on top spaghetti squash

  • Grilled salmon fits perfect on top of a bed of spaghetti squash