Welcome to pattysplate

Welcome to pattysplate! A place to share food thoughts, new recipes, time saving ideas, DIY crafts, and good healthy lifestyle thoughts.  

What’s on my plate today? An old saying, maybe from my Mom? And probably went more like "I have too much on my plate today!".  I researched any possible history for this cliche and didn't find a specific instance that triggered the saying, but a couple of possible meanings were listed:

  • To have an overwhelming amount of responsibilities at one time.
  • Imagine a plate of food so full that some food might fall off. That is how to use this phrase and apply it to activities in which a person is involved.

For women especially, to find balance in our lives when our nature is to care for others, we usually end up with a "full plate", and caring for ourselves last.  Creating a balance – care of others, home care, jobs, children, food, and our own health and exercise, can be overwhelming.  

Pattysplate will primarily be sharing about food, as a matter of fact I’m always thinking and talking about food, loving to create, loving to eat, loving the accomplishment of having made healthy food that tastes wonderful. That’s the main reason I’m here.  But there’s other things on my “plate” – that joy of creating spills over into many other areas such as décor and crafts. I have the personality type that sees something in a store and says - “I could make that” - which of course, adds to what is already on my plate today :-)   

Please enjoy these the ideas here, and be encouraged to find that balance in life of caring for others and still be able to maintain your own healthy lifestyle.  Here we go...